The kitchen is known to be the heart of a house. It is where you cook your foods and it is where all of your family members gather. That is why kitchen remodeling is very well-known and have the biggest payoff in terms of increasing the resale value of a house. However, kitchen remodel can be the most expensive and most complicated. The average cost of the project depends on the quality of materials, size of the kitchen, and whether you change the room’s layout.

Estimating the Cost of Kitchen Remodel

Considering your kitchen as a whole is the 1st step in determining kitchen remodel estimates. Ask yourself the big questions before you get to the small questions like whether to replace the cabinets or reface them. Also, you do not have to replace everything all together. Instead of replacing your cabinets, you can reface or refinish them. This can save you money and time. If your appliances are outdated or require that stainless steel look to boost your kitchen appeal, you also have the choice to refinish them. If you want to save money on installing all-new appliances or cabinets, consider some of these alternative choices.

Break down of the Cost

Below is the breakdown of the costs of a kitchen renovation according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association:

  • Hardware and Cabinetry – 29%
  • Installation – 17%
  • Ventilation and Appliances – 14%
  • Countertops – 10%
  • Flooring- 7%
  • Lighting – 5%
  • Ceilings and Walls – 5%
  • Windows and Doors – 4%
  • Plumbing and Faucets – 4%
  • Kitchen Design Fees – 4%
  • Other – 1%

By making cuts in specific places, homeowners can save on the cost of their kitchen remodel. For instance, cabinets take up around 30% of the budget of the kitchen remodel. However, by investing in stock kitchen cabinets instead of custom cabinets, you can save a lot of money. You can also do some of the replacement and installation yourself. Also, you can break up the projects over time in order for you to save for one project at a time. Depending on the state of your kitchen, you don’t have to do everything.

Low-end Kitchen Remodel

You will do some of the work yourself and hire a professional when you are willing to spend around $10,000 up to $15,000 on a kitchen remodel. You must try to do as much of the work yourself. Purchase some of the materials if possible before hiring a professional. Some may charge extra for the labor and purchase.

High-end Kitchen Remodel

You will have more scope to choose and pick which improvements you want to make to the kitchen whenever you’ll spend more than $30,000 to a kitchen remodel. On the other hand, you must consider consulting with a kitchen designer for your kitchen renovations Penrith if you choose to spend more than $50,000. A professional designer has the examples, connections, and the experience to suggest what fits with your plan. While still getting the final result you want, they can also help you save so you do not spend unnecessarily.