In the past, the entire system of home securities was hardwired. Linking each camera, keypad, sensor, and other needed peripherals by a technician to cut through the walls, stream wires to and fro, then attaching altogether at the end. Then all of these will be redone once you require any changes, updates, or maintenance. Wireless home alarm system won’t just free us from such restrictions, they also offer advantages that weren’t imagined even before the days. Here are some of the pros of having a wireless camera home alarm system: 


Remote control 

It is easier to operate wireless systems even if you’re outside of your home. Depending on the system you’ll install, you can either disarm or arm using a key transponder/fob or from a smartphone application. 

Battery power 

Usually, wireless alarm systems utilize batteries as their ultimate backup or source of power. Consequently, you could stay running and up even if there will be a power outage.  

Cellular communications and Wi-Fi options 

The security systems that rely on a landline will fail to work once the lines get cut or go down. Thankfully, this does not happen to wireless systems since they utilize cellular networks, Wi-Fi, and/wireless mesh networks to reach emergency services and interconnect every device. The alarm systems that utilize a cellular network will be able to communicate even if there are downed lines, power outages, and storms as long as there’s enough cellular coverage within your area. 


Yes, you can get up and run with a great wireless alarm system for only less than 200 dollars. The systems are a lot cheaper compared to their hardwired options, particularly because the installation does not have to be paid. So, installing a wireless security system is definitely cost-effective and a must-try. 

Smart home integration 

Smart home hubs and wireless security systems are turning to be a lot more compatible and matched. It would be a lot convenient if you can disarm and arm the alarm and control your entire smart home devices in a centralized way. Just remember that other manufacturers and brands play greater if altogether compared to some. Hence, you might have to think twice and do some research before you buy them. 

Upgrades easily 

Compared to their hardwired counterparts, wireless systems are a lot of future-proof. Once the components or the system gets outdated or broken, you could change it into newer ones that do not have a lot of issues. 


A wireless alarm system is a great option for renters since you do not have to cut the walls open for you to install it. Usually, you don’t have to significantly modify or damage the property.   

Scalability and flexibility 

If you wish to add some door and window sensors, motion detectors, or another camera, you can definitely do that easily if you choose to have a wireless alarm system. Unlike the traditional security system, this system makes it way easier to add devices. Hence, it would be recommended to have one in your home.